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DEBRA UK’s 100km Challenge to #FightEB raises £13,782

We’re delighted to announce that the DEBRA 100km Challenge to #FightEB raised an amazing £13,782 throughout August.

Our fundraising heroes have cycled, swam, ran and walked across the country (and Europe) in support of this challenge and we cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work.
This life-changing amount will make a massive difference to the EB Community, allowing them to access vital Community Support services so they do not have to face EB alone.

We are supporting our EB Community through grants to help members get access to food supplies, assisting with other financial issues, securing dressing supplies and supporting mental health and wellbeing. Key issues under lockdown are loneliness, anxiety and fear – and our Support Team are doing all they can to talk to and stay in touch with our vulnerable members, including new virtual support groups.

“I am in self-isolation, in fact strict ‘shielding‘, and can’t leave my home because of my EB. Without DEBRA’s emergency food package I would be without food. They helped to set me up with a local food service long term and arranged a food package immediately to stop me from going hungry before this service is in place. I cannot thank them enough”  Scot, DEBRA member, speaking early on in lockdown

DEBRA is the only charity providing this kind of essential, front-line support to the EB Community and we expect our skills and expertise to be drawn on even further. Without your support, we could not offer this support.


Make a difference

Make a difference

Please help us fund vital healthcare such as specialist EB nurses as well as research, care and life-changing support. 

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