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Exceptional Care of DEBRA-Funded EB Nurse Recognised with Award

Exceptional Care of DEBRA-Funded EB Nurse Recognised with Award

DEBRA funded specialist EB nurse Jane Clapham has been awarded the Cavell Star for providing exceptional care to her patients and their families.

Jane leads the EB nursing team at St Thomas’ Hospital, London, a nationally recognised Centre of Excellence in EB, providing specialist EB healthcare to people with EB and practical and emotional support to them and their families. 

Funding from DEBRA enables EB nurses to spend more time with their patients, visiting them at home and within the hospital – something which is life-changing for people facing EB and their families and loved ones.

Because of funding from DEBRA, Jane and the team can provide a high level of support, including accompanying people with EB to hospital appointments and procedures, providing wound care advice, giving psychological support and end-of-life care, and giving vital bereavement support to family members.

The funding also enables Jane and her colleagues to provide care and support during DEBRA’s Weekend Away for Adults, enabling people with EB who might otherwise struggle to be independent to have a weekend away from home.

Colleague and fellow EB Clinical Nurse Specialist, Annette Downe, said:

“We nominated Jane for the Cavell Star Award because she always goes the extra mile. Jane is extremely dedicated to her patients and encompasses their family into the holistic care that she gives. She ensures that family members are involved in all aspects of care as appropriate so that they feel supported as they seek to care for their family member."

“It is not without personal emotional cost at times but Jane is passionate about her role in supporting families through some of their darkest and most difficult times."

Jane added, “I was absolutely gobsmacked to receive the Cavell Star Award. I cried a little! I think my team deserve the award more than I do. My team are very special people, without them I couldn’t do this job, I’m so proud of them"

“Caring for people with EB can at times be very distressing and my team are just so supportive of each other. They all go above and beyond, it’s not just me!”

We couldn’t agree more – the dedication of EB nurses is amazing and we are so proud that Jane has been recognised in this way.

DEBRA is currently helping to fund 18 specialist EB nurses including Jane, who are providing life-changing specialist EB care to thousands of people suffering from EB across the UK. You can contact your specialist EB team here.

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