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Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher speaks out!

Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher speaks out!

Actor Kelvin Fletcher, best known for his role as Andy Sugden in Emmerdale, tells us why he’s been a passionate supporter of DEBRA for over ten years.

What made you decide to get involved with DEBRA?

I first found out about DEBRA when I played in a charity football match. Afterwards, I met a couple of kids who had EB. That was what made the event different for me: I could see immediately the effect it had on them. They just had the most inspiring smiles, in spite of the horrific condition.

Tony Eckersall (Regional Fundraising Manager – North) spoke about DEBRA and his love for the charity and the work it does. I could see how much he cared and it really instilled something in me. I offered to do anything I could to help. If my profile as an actor and my time on telly can make it a bit easier to raise awareness of EB and funds for DEBRA, then I’m happy to capitalise on that as much as possible.

What’s most rewarding about supporting DEBRA?

I hope the rewards will be seen by people living with EB. With the money DEBRA is putting into research, and promising developments in technology, there’s a real chance of eradicating the condition for good.

You’ve been involved with DEBRA’s annual Butterfly Ball in Manchester for many years. What are your hopes for 2017’s ball?

For what DEBRA is, what it does and the people it represents, it should be the biggest event of the year! I’d love to see the ball get even better year-on-year, until there is no more EB and it’s no longer necessary. I’d encourage everybody to attend – it’s always a fun and emotional night!

You’ve met local families living with EB.

Yes, over the years I’ve been lucky enough to meet quite a few people living with the condition. I was able to get one lad in particular and his dad tickets to a Rugby League game. Seeing his reaction to meeting the players was one of my happiest moments. I hope he’ll remember it for as long as I do – I think the world of him.

 What would you say to other people thinking of supporting DEBRA?

What I’ve done is insignificant in comparison with what people with EB and their families go through. I’d welcome any ideas on ways to get involved in fundraising opportunities for DEBRA – get in touch through Tony.  Raising awareness of EB is just as important as raising funds, so the more support you can give the better. It’s the worthiest of all causes.

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