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DEBRA News: December 2016

Waitrose kindly donates Michael Morpurgo book

22 December 2016

Waitrose has kindly donated a limited number of free copies of children's book 'Coming Home' by Michael Morpurgo for DEBRA members - request yours now.

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DEBRA initiative stimulates innovation

21 December 2016

DEBRA Austria and DEBRA UK jointly organised a 'Wound Healing in EB' meeting,  bringing together specialists in EB clinician-researchers and leading experts in other areas of wound healing.

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RCP Christmas lecture will be live-streamed: Santa brought me a new skin

20 December 2016

Hear Professor John McGrath, who is researching potential treatments for EB talk about skin fragility conditions and the progress to effective treatment. Watch it live streamed from the Royal College of Physicians or get a free ticket to attend in person.

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BBC's Big Life Fix puts power back in James' hands

9 December 2016

Photographer James, who has EB, featured on the Big Life Fix at 9pm on 7 December. Watch it now!

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