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Rare Disease Centre will improve patient care

16 February 2017

Find out what the New Rare Disease Centre at St Thomas' Hospital will mean for DEBRA member Christo Kapourani.

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New rare disease centre to transform patient care

30 January 2017

DEBRA is making a significant contribution to the new Rare Disease Centre at St Thomas’ Hospital, London which, for the first time, will bring together all the services, healthcare professionals and facilities necessary to meet the complex medical requirements of people living with EB.

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EB: My Story book now available online

31 October 2016

EB: My Story is designed to offer children and young people unbiased material about what living with the condition is really like. The book, jointly sponsored by DEBRA UK, DEBRA Ireland and BCH Charity, is now available to download.

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Through the keyhole view of an EB clinic

14 January 2016

Find out what goes on at a multi-disciplinary EB clinic through the eyes of Mike Bartlett, DEBRA's Director of Fundraising and Communications.

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Clinical practice guideline on the management of cancer in EB published

17 November 2015

Valuable clinical practice guideline on the management of skin cancer in people with severe EB published.

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