Dr Sagair Hussain, DEBRA

The Guardian’s Skin Health Campaign, featuring DEBRA Director of Research, Dr Sagair Hussain, launched on 15 December, to raise awareness of skin health issues, placing a spotlight on various skin conditions, both common, including eczema, psoriasis, acne and rare, including epidermolysis bullosa.

The British Skin Foundation-supported campaign featured in The Guardian, includes an interview with Dr Hussain, talking about epidermolysis bullosa. In the article, he discusses DEBRA’s focus on research, the aim to improve the lives of people living with EB, through increased understanding and awareness, and how we support our members every day. 
“We are driving a programme of world-class, innovative research looking into therapies such as gene and cell therapy, gene silencing technology and drug re-purposing as well as supporting the next generation of EB researchers in the field,” says Dr Hussain. 
The #SkinHealth campaign is an opportunity to talk about EB disease understanding, impact, unmet need, research, hope for the future, and why rare diseases such as EB should be made a sufficient priority in society. This is an important part of DEBRA UK’s commitment to those living with EB.