On the 28th of November at our Sporting Legends Lunch event hosted by Graeme Souness in Prestonfield, a song written about three young girls with EB was released.

Songwriter Debra Kirkness was inspired to write “Butterfly Wings” after hearing the story of Adana Forsyth, Chiara Venditozzi and Hannah McKandie from Aberdeen. They were all born with severe recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB) the same year as Kirkness' own healthy daughter.

The song was performed on the night by Lauren Yule four members of the Junior Ensemble, flautist Natalia Kurpanik and pianist Sabina Satrovaite.

Souness, Vice President for DEBRA, says:

It is a privilege to release ‘Butterfly Wings’ today, available as a download on iTunes with all proceeds going to DEBRA. EB is a devastating condition and we need to raise funds to invest in research and to support our community every day.

Debra Kirkness set up her own charity in Aberdeen to support children through music. Music4U supports children with various physical and psychological problems as well as able-bodied children and young adults. One of Debra’ Kirkness' straplines is “Children helping children through music."

Following this ethos, the music group has continued to support DEBRA charity throughout the last twenty years.

Debra Kirkness says:

I can’t wait for the release of ‘Butterfly Wings.’ Having written the song so long ago, it is wonderful to now be able to produce the song and raise much-needed funds for the invaluable work that DEBRA does.

You can find 'Butterfly Wings', performed by Lauren Yule, on the following platforms:

Spotify | Apple Music