March 2023

This week some of our members and staff participated in a series of regional radio interviews, and one TV interview, to share their lived experiences of EB and to raise awareness of our plans to use repurposed drugs to help stop the pain of EB. Some of the interviews were pre-recorded and will go out over the coming days, whilst others went out live.

We are very grateful to DEBRA members, Myra Ali and Lucy Beall Lott, DEBRA member and trustee, Simone Bunting, and DEBRA’s Director of Members Services, Claire Mather for volunteering to participate in these interviews, which had a combined audience of over 2m and included interviews on regional BBC stations, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Oxford, and BBC Radio Wiltshire, plus London regional TV station, London Live.

You can listen to the recordings below!


BBC radio Cambridgeshire interview with Lucy Beall and Claire Mather


BBC radio Oxford interview with Myra Ali and Claire Mather


BBC radio Wiltshire interview with Simone Bunting


Mix 92.6 FM and Radio Broadstairs with Claire Mather


Radio Essex interview with Claire Mather and Simone Bunting


Talking Life Network and Talking Feature Podcast with Myra Ali and Claire Mather