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Leave a gift in your will

Leave a gift in your will

Leaving a gift in your will is a simple way to fight EB.

Why Wendy is leaving a gift to DEBRA in her will:

DEBRA member Wendy Hilling (pictured), who has Recessive Dystrophic EB, decided to leave a gift to DEBRA in her will:

‘I grew up at a time when DEBRA did not exist and it was a very dark place. I had no one to turn to. Now I know help is just a phone call away,' she says. 'I have benefited financially, emotionally and physically from help with my EB from DEBRA. I cannot now imagine a life without DEBRA and I know my legacy will be used to fund research into a cure and help people living with EB. There needs to be a day when no one knows what EB is, not because it is rare but because it no longer exists.’ 

Why make a will?

With a will, you can make it clear what you want to happen to your money and possessions after you pass away. You can also nominate guardians for dependants under the age of 18 and make your wishes about specific funeral arrangements known. If you die without making a will, you will be classed as dying ‘intestate’ and the people close to you may receive nothing.

Your friends and family come first when making a will – we’re very grateful to anyone who considers leaving a gift to DEBRA after making provision for loved ones.

Ways to give in your will

There are three main types of gift you can leave to a charity:

  • a specific amount of money
  • a share of your estate
  • a particular item

Leaving a gift to DEBRA      

To leave a gift to DEBRA in your will, you will need to include DEBRA’s address (DEBRA House, 13 Wellington Business Park, Dukes Ride, Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 6LS) and charity numbers – 1084958 in England and Wales and SC039654 in Scotland.

A gift of any size will help make sure DEBRA is there to provide care and support to people living with EB and fund research until a cure is found.


To leave a gift to DEBRA in your will please call Frances Greaney on 01344 771961. Thank you.

Alisa's story

Alisa's story

DEBRA-funded specialist EB nurses provided a lifeline to Alisa’s parents in the early days, showing them how to change her dressings, lance the blisters...a harrowing daily experience dreaded by both Alisa and her mum.