EB research over the years diagram

Finding out new things about how our bodies work and how we might be able to fix it when they don’t work quite so well can only happen when people already know a lot. We can fund researchers who are already experts after years of learning about how skin works and the processes of inflammation, wound healing and cancer as well as those who are experts on dressings, creams, gels and sprays, walking and joint conditions, accessibility and mobility or pain and itching. 

Even when we begin a research project with experts, it can take years to work out all the details of a new treatment. When researchers apply for funding from DEBRA UK, we can ask them how long they think it will take for each stage of their research. Sometimes the results will be a suggestion of a new treatment rather than a new treatment itself. Sometimes the outcome will be guidelines for care that explain how to best use the treatments we currently have. Our long-term goal is to achieve a world where no one suffers with EB but this will be fought in many smaller battles.

Together we #FightEB. Together we will beat EB.