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Specialist EB healthcare

Specialist EB healthcare

Last updated 20/01/21

EB Centres of Excellence

According to NHS England, a centre of excellence runs highly specialised services for very rare and/or complex conditions. Because of the small number of patients the services are provided in a limited number of hospitals which enables the clinicians to maintain their expertise. This set up also allows clinical specialists to support patients with a multi-disciplinary approach for care and management.

The EB Centres of Excellence include:


EB specialist contact details

DEBRA works with EB specialists across the UK. Please see the information below should you wish to contact one of the services. 

Birmingham Women's and Children’s Hospital

Children’s Nursing Service

Out of hours: 0121 333 8224 (ask for the dermatologist on call stating that the child has EB) 

EB Team Secretary (main contact)

  • Sandra Osborn - 0121 3338757

EB Team Coordinator

  • Marie Everill

Senior EB Nurse Specialist

  • Dawn James

EB Clinical Nurse Specialists

  • Danielle Cunnington
  • Gemma Harrison
  • Jennifer Heaton


Great Ormond Street Hospital

Children’s Nursing Service 

Service Co-ordinator (main contact)

  • Sonia Ama - 0207 829 7808 

EB Clinical Nurse Specialists

  • Katie Plevey
  • Sophie Randall
  • Janet Hanson
  • Judith Acero


St. Thomas’ Hospital

Adult Nursing Service

Phone: 0207 188 0843

Service Co-ordinator (main contact)

  • Annette Burnett

Advanced Nurse Practitioner (Lead for EB CNS team)

  • Karen Snelson

EB Clinical Nurse Specialists

  • Chris Bloor
  • Annette Downe
  • Caroline MacKenzie
  • Charlotte Raines

  • Kati Paalosalo-Harris


Solihull Hospital

Adult Nursing Service

Phone: 0121 424 5232


EB Team Administrator (main contact)

  • Ellie Davis

Lead EB Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Carol Knowles

Senior EB Clinical Nurse Specialists

  • Kal Begum
  • Bryony Jay

EB Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Laura McDonough


EB care in Scotland

Scottish Healthcare Team

Phone: 0141 201 6447

EB Clinical Nurse Specialist (adults)

  • Debbie Johnston - 07772 628 831

EB Clinical Nurse Specialist (paediatrics)

  • Sharon Fisher - 07930 854 944


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Alisa's story

Alisa's story

DEBRA-funded specialist EB nurses provided a lifeline to Alisa’s parents in the early days, showing them how to change her dressings, lance the blisters...a harrowing daily experience dreaded by both Alisa and her mum.



Natalie's story

Natalie's story

“The DEBRA-funded outreach clinic has had a huge impact on our lives. A massive advantage is that we can see the full specialist EB team from hospital in one place," Natalie.