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Free Team Building – DEBRA Retail Challenge

Free Team Building – DEBRA Retail Challenge

What is the DEBRA Retail Challenge?

Take over 2 or more DEBRA shops for the day and ‘battle’ to be crowned winner at the end of the day.  We will come and brief your teams 4 weeks before the event so you have time to prepare. Winning team/s will receive a trophy and each participant receives a certificate.


Flexible and runs throughout the whole year


Join us in 2 or more of our charity shops, we have over 100 across the UK (link to shop locator)

Number of participants

 2 or more teams, between 3 and 5 people per team

Dress Code

We can supply DEBRA t-shirts or you can come in fancy dress (dress to impress, themed to time of year – Easter, Christmas etc)

What’s included?

Briefing before the day, trophy and certificates, dedicated contact at DEBRA to answer any questions

Why do it?

Free team building activity that has a positive social impact as well as a positive team building impact to your staff.  Great to include in your CSR policy.

How the day helps DEBRA and EB sufferers

Raises awareness of the condition and valuable monies to #FightEB.

As well as donations, the awareness you generate helps spread the message about EB and encourage others to get involved. 

2020 Leaderboard Coming soon

Most monies raised 

Place Team Amount







Congratulations to the 2019 retail challenge winners The Access Group!

For more information, please contact Jenny Jackson on 
01344 467765 or at