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Take on our 280,000 steps in February 2022 challenge!

You can choose to split the distance throughout the month and every step will bring us closer to a world without EB.

All funds raised will go towards our life-changing research into EB, to ultimately one day find a cure. 

How does it work?

  • Complete 280,000 steps throughout February
  • Aim to fundraise £150 or more to help fund our life-changing research

Sounds great, how do I register?

If you are a Facebook user, join our Facebook group using the button below. This group will provide all the information you need from creating your fundraising page to signing up for your FREE DEBRA UK snood.

Alternatively, you can create a JustGiving page here to get started.

Join the 280,000 steps in february 2022 Facebook group

How can I reach my fundraising target?

Here are some helpful hints and tips to help you reach your fundraising target, we are also on hand if you have any questions along the way

Online Giving Page

Once you have created your page on Facebook or JustGiving, ensure it is updated with all the 280,000 steps in February challenge information, so that people can find out more about EB and the cause you are supporting.

Keeping your page up-to-date with the progress you’re making, pictures of the things you see on your exercise, selfies in your DEBRA t-shirt or sharing a personal note behind why you are taking part are all great additions to your page and will make it more engaging for potential donors!

Share, share and share again!

You cannot share too much when it comes to your online giving page - the more people that see it, the more likely you are to hit that fundraising target!  

Your page can be shared across social media platforms or amongst your friends, family or colleagues. When you make your various updates throughout the challenge, don't forget to re-share the link.