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Fundraising Terms and Conditions

Fundraising Terms and Conditions

  • You will not bring the name or reputation of DEBRA into disrepute when fundraising in aid of DEBRA;
  • You are to provide details of your fundraising event to DEBRA upon the request of the fundraising team;
  • You will be responsible for ensuring health and safety guidelines are adhered to during your event;
  • You are required to adhere to DEBRA’s Data Protection policy when fundraising in aid of DEBRA;
  • When using DEBRA’s logo you are to make it clear that you are fundraising in aid of DEBRA and are not a DEBRA led event;
  • You will not use the sales or any profits to benefit yourself individually or anyone else;
  • All money raised and profits made are to be paid directly to DEBRA and are not to be used to benefit any other charity or not for profit organisation;
  • All funds and proceeds raised are to be paid to DEBRA no later than 3 weeks post event unless you have notified the fundraising team and have agreed a later date;
  • By fundraising in aid of DEBRA you agree to not participate in any illegal fundraising such as door-to-door fundraising or street fundraising without a licence;
  • DEBRA holds the right to refuse a request to people we see unfit to represent and fundraise under the name of DEBRA;
  • Money must not be handled or counted by anyone under the age of 18;
  • When counting or paying in money there are to be 2 people present at all times;
  • You will be held responsible for any monetary discrepancies;
  • You are responsible for keeping an accurate log of payments made and products sold on behalf of DEBRA; 
  • You will return any materials such as banners or buckets to DEBRA if required to do so.
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