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Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Last updated 08/07/20

The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) allowance is a UK government financial assistance programme helping individuals living with a long-term illness and/or disability cover the extra costs of everyday life.

PIP allowance is formed of two components – daily living and mobility. The daily living component helps cover the additional costs of everyday tasks; the mobility component helps cover the additional costs with difficulties getting around. Each component has both a standard rate and an enhanced rate (for people who are more severely impacted by their condition). People living with EB might be eligible for both, one or neither components.

Do not be discouraged from applying for PIP because of the type of your EB. PIP is awarded dependent on how your condition affects you. Applications are evaluated and reviewed specific to an individual’s circumstances and how their illness or disability impacts their everyday life, rather than through a general ruling for everyone living with a certain condition or disability.

This page outlines the eligibility criteria, provides information on how to apply for the payment, as well as offers tips on what to include in your application to help the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) (Department for Communities (DfC) in Northern Ireland) better understand how your EB impacts you. The PIP application is long and time-consuming (often taking two or more hours to complete); please contact your DEBRA EB Community Support Manager to help you with completing any or all parts of your application and to provide feedback on the information provided on this website.


DEBRA can help

DEBRA’s Community Support Team is available to help you receive financial support in many ways – advocacy, signposting and more. Your DEBRA Community Support Manager can be on hand to help you understand your eligibility for entitlements, refer you to other groups for support, help you make an application, as well as assist in advising an appeal. For help explaining what it is like to live with EB, we have also written a guide on How to complete the PIP2 form.

Please contact your DEBRA EB Community Support Manager for more information on how you can be supported financially.