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Hospital In-Patient Nightly Allowance

Valid for : Hospital stays of 2-14 nights. Current DEBRA members only (of any age). Stays relating to EB in all UK hospitals.  We may liaise with EB clinical teams to verify admissions and details. 

Nightly expense : £5 per patient per night for a 2-5 night stay. £25 for a week. £50 for two weeks.

Maximum allowance :  Up to £50 per patient per stay. Longer stays and exceptional circumstances to be discussed with CST. 

How to arrange payment :  Patient or EB Clinical Nurse Specialist (in consultation with the patient) to email to advise details of the in-patient as soon as they are known in advance of their admission confirming patient name, membership number, dates, duration (if known), name of hospital and consultant/nurse specialist name. The email will be passed on to appropriate Community Support Manager. Patient will then be contacted by a member of Team Support at DEBRA to confirm payment details.

How allowance is paid to patient : The grant for the nightly allowance will be paid at the end of the admission by cheque or BACS transfer.  Anyone with an urgent reason to receive the grant sooner should contact their Community Support Manager.  Requests for cash grants are not accepted.

Other useful information : The payments from DEBRA do not need to be declared but anyone over 18 years old in receipt of Universal Credit should be notifying the DWP if they are admitted to hospital for over 28 days as they will no longer be entitled to the care element.

These grants are designed to help with some of the daily costs incurred whilst in hospital. These may include contributing towards the price of drinks, newspapers, magazines etc.