Some of our Members living with EB have found that even minor reasonable adjustments have greatly improved their working conditions:

  • Uniform - having a cotton version of any uniform, if available, or close alternative option (instead of other fabrics, such as polyester) and permission to wear alternative footwear. People living with EB may require more regular washing and having additional uniforms may be helpful.
  • Workspace - having a fan near where you are working, as well as sitting for a task or using a high stool/perching chair instead of standing. Expert advice on seating choice if in an office role, including using a cushion, can be sought.
  • Walking - there might be alternative duties that minimise the amount of walking required.
  • Technology-specific computer accessories or software.
  • Flexible hours and working - staggering start/end times to avoid rush hour on public transport and allowing you to work from home, where possible.
  • Breaks - permission to take breaks when needed if in pain.

Reasonable adjustments do not have to be costly and sometimes simple measures can make a real difference.