Illustrated ball of wool and knitting needles with the text November knitting challenge

This November, you can play your part and knit every day throughout the month to help raise vital funds for EB research and our A Life Free of Pain appeal.

Whether you are an expert knitter, or learning a new skill, every day you spend knitting in November could help us fund research into potential treatments that could help stop the pain of the genetic skin blistering condition, EB.

You can knit whilst watching TV, or why not carry your knitting around in your free DEBRA tote bag and knit on the go! You’ll join a community of fellow knitters and like-minded people who are each inspired to knit to help #StopThePain. 



How will the challenge work?

A woman in a DEBRA t-shirt knitting

The challenge is flexible so you can adapt it to suit you. You can set your own target by knitting as much as possible or by knitting for a specific amount of time a day. You could take on one big project that will take you the whole month or aim to knit lots of smaller items. Why not give these to friends or family as gifts in exchange for donations. When you register for your free DEBRA tote bag, you’ll also receive a tracker so you can tick off each day as you complete your knitting. Raise £150 and you’ll also receive a butterfly pin badge. 


How can I get involved?

  • Join dedicated Facebook group
  • Register to join the challenge via GivePanel
  • Start your Facebook fundraiser
  • Choose your challenge – one project, lots of items, or knit for a set amount of time each day in the month
  • Share your challenge with your friends and family and ask them to sponsor you! 
  • Don’t forget to share your progress and creations in the Facebook group


Sign up here!


What will I get?

  • A DEBRA branded tote bag to hold your knitting essentials (subject to availability).
  • Access to a dedicated Facebook group full of helpful tips, fundraising advice, and like-minded people.
  • If you hit your £150 target, you’ll also receive your own DEBRA butterfly pin badge.

A DEBRA tote bag with balls of yarn, knitting needles, a jumper and butterfly pin badge.




Can I crochet or sew instead of knit as part of the challenge?

Of course! We would still be delighted for you to join us. Whether you knit, sew, or crochet your way through November, you are still playing your part and raising vital funds to support people living with EB. 


Can I still join this challenge if I have haven’t knitted before?

Yes! You could use this opportunity to learn a new skill. We’ll also be sharing knitting tips on the Facebook group, and you can also ask your fellow knitters for advice.


What should I do with my knitted creations once I’ve finished? 

You can give them to family and friends and ask for a donation in return, or what about donating to your local DEBRA charity shop so that they can sell them and raise additional funds to support the EB community. Find your nearest shop here


Are there any alternatives to a Facebook fundraiser? 

If you don’t want to use Facebook to fundraise, you can set up an alternative fundraising page on Give as you Live. Please use this link to set up your November Knitting Challenge page.


Can people donate cash to my fundraiser? 

Yes they can, you can deposit the cash into your own account and then submit via your Facebook fundraiser. If they are not on Facebook, again they can give you the cash and you can add the donation yourself. 

A pair of hands holding balls of yarn


If you have any further questions, please get in touch with Kelly Tschumi, Digital Fundraising Officer.


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get knitting! 


Join the Facebook group here


And remember to keep calm and carry yarn!

Booking for this event has now closed.