This event webpage has been set up for a small group of members only and is not public. Please do not share the link to this page.

You will receive an official invitation and a Palace entry card. These are for the named guests only and are non-transferable.




What is the event?

This event will celebrate members and DEBRA working together to benefit the EB community. It’s a way to say thank you to our members for your commitment to, and involvement with, DEBRA. There are 60 guests, and we hope you will enjoy catching up with each other and meeting some of the charity’s leaders, including our trustees, president, and vice presidents.

Food and drink, including a buffet lunch, will be provided. The full menu can be viewed here.


Event Programme

12:00 - Guests start arriving at St James’s Palace and gather in the state rooms for a drinks reception

12:30 - Guests gather into pre-determined groups of 10, to showcase the different ways that members and DEBRA work together

13:00 - Guests are called in to dine and for some short speeches

13:15 - A two-course, seated buffet opens, and guests will be seated in their groups of 10

14:15 - Teas and coffees are served after some short speeches

14:45 - Guests depart


We will be in touch before the event to let you know which pre-determined group of 10 you will be in, and which aspect of your involvement with DEBRA we are particularly highlighting. Each group will be managed by a DEBRA staff member, so we will find you, and make sure you’re in the right place on the day – you’re in safe hands!


Preparing for the event

What should I wear?

If you are living with EB or any other disability, it is important that you wear clothes and footwear that suit your needs. DEBRA and the Palace want you to be comfortable so that you can enjoy the event.

For attendees that are able to wear it, the recommended dress code is day dress or lounge suit. However, this is for guidance only. Other smart dress is also acceptable. Hats are not required.

For example, appropriate options could be like outfits in the photo below (from our evening reception at the House of Commons this year).

A photo of members and guests at DEBRA


Important documents to bring to the event

All guests must bring:

  • Your Palace entry card (please also note the security information shown on the reverse.) We will post this to you near to the event date.
  • One form of photo identification (such as a passport or driver's licence).


Information for the day


There is a small lift for guests to access the upper floor. Wheelchair users should discuss lift use with DEBRA in advance of the event.

We have gathered any other requirements from your RSVP forms, but please contact us at [email protected] or phone 01344 771961 (option 1) if you would like to discuss anything further.


Protocol – How should I greet Her Royal Highness (HRH)?

  • If you are able and would like to, please stand when HRH arrives and leaves the Picture Gallery with DEBRA CEO Tony Byrne.
  • When greeting HRH for the first time at the event, you should address her as "Your Royal Highness". Following that, you should address her as "Ma’am" (pronounced with a short "a" like "jam").
  • You are welcome to bow or curtsy when you meet HRH if you would like to and are able to. However, this is not essential.
  • In regard to shaking HRH’s hand, we would ask that you wait for her to offer her hand for a handshake.



Guest numbers for this event are very limited. You cannot bring any guests apart from the people mentioned in your Save the Date email and for whom you will receive an entry card for. This is due to the Palace’s security measures.

DEBRA will be providing a final guest list to the Palace two weeks before the event.


Food menu

You can view the event's full food menu here

We have provided the caterers with your dietary requirements/allergies.

Ingredients and allergens of food items will be displayed at the event. Please ask catering staff on the day if you need any additional information.



The event will be photographed throughout by an official Palace photographer and may be shared by DEBRA and St James's Palace.


The use of electronic devices

Please note that any mobile phones, cameras and electronic devices that can be used for taking photos or filming must not be used within St James's Palace.

Any such items must be switched off and deposited in the Palace cloakroom when you arrive.


Fire alarms

Please familiarise yourself with your surroundings and be aware of the fire exits.

A siren means EVACUATE the building; follow the lead of the palace stewards. The evacuation assembly point is at Friary Court.


How to get to St James’s Palace

By car or taxi: no general parking is available at St James’s Palace.

Guests can be dropped off on Marlborough Road.


By public transport: the nearest Underground stations are Green Park, St. James’s Park, and Victoria. Victoria is the nearest main line station.

Some members may need to travel long distances to get to this event. If this is the case for you, please feel free to get in touch to discuss practicalities.


When you arrive

Guests arriving by car or on foot should enter through Marlborough Road Door at St James's Palace, located on Marlborough Road. You will be directed by the police, and welcomed on arrival by Palace and DEBRA staff.


If you have any questions or need any assistance before the event, please get in touch at [email protected] or 01344 771961 (option 1).

Booking for this event has now closed.