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Our strategy

Our strategy

DEBRA UK is part of the worldwide network of Epidermolysis Bullosa charities and makes one of the largest donations to EB research funds of all the national groups.

We also manage a centralised research grant assessment process on behalf of all of the member groups of DEBRA International. Significant progress in the scientific understanding of EB in recent years is in part thanks to this strategic approach which helps to avoid unnecessary duplication, ensuring international research efforts are tightly focused and coordinated.

Current EB research priorities

  • Improved understanding of the biology and genetics of all forms of EB, as better understanding can lead to new approaches to diagnosis and treatment of EB
  • Work towards the development of therapies (including possible gene-therapies, cell-therapies, drug therapies or protein therapies)
  • Enhanced understanding of the nature of wound healing and the development of skin cancer in EB, leading to the development of better treatments and prevention strategies
  • Support clinical-care research to improve the management of EB through symptom relief