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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support

Last updated 20/01/21

If you are in contact with any health services about Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is very important that you tell them you or the family member concerned has EB.

It is always important to alert any medical professionals in any situation that you have EB along with how it affects you, so they provide the best care. (Our I have EB cards can be of use here to help). This may include mentioning if you are immuno- suppressed, on particular medications, are concerned you may blister if swabbed, may struggle to wear a mask or not tolerate a sticking plaster.

If you need assistance with reading or understanding any of the information on these pages, please phone DEBRA Membership and Community Support on 01344 771961 and select Option 1.

Disclaimer: Information and advice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly changing. We are updating the website regularly and aiming to focus our information on areas that are of most significance to people living with EB. As the situation evolves, information will vary across the four nations; you should always consult and follow the advice given by your national government, the NHS and other regulatory authorities. DEBRA UK are not responsible for the content on third party websites, we have collated the guidance and links that are, to the best of our knowledge, reputable sources of information and are updated regularly. Please get in touch if there are any issues with the information on these pages.