If you or any of your party start to display signs of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) while staying in one of our holiday homes, you should inform the park's reception or owner services and contact us as soon as possible. Call 01344 771961 (option 1) or email [email protected]. If out of normal hours, all holiday parks have emergency contact information for senior personnel at DEBRA.

It is also important that you immediately self-isolate in the home to minimise any risk of transmission, and request a Coronavirus (COVID-19) test as soon as possible. Please seek assistance from the holiday park if unsure how to do this.

If it is then confirmed that you have Coronavirus (COVID-19), arrangements should be made to return home as soon as you can using private transport - but only if you are able to do so safely.

Please ensure that you follow government guidance on dealing with possible or confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/coronavirus-covid-19-list-of-guidance 

Both DEBRA and the holiday parks will make every effort to ensure families have a safe and enjoyable holiday, it should be recognised that each person is responsible for their own/family’s safety and welfare and must ensure they take all necessary precautions to prevent risk of infection from Coronavirus (COVID-19) during their stay.